Ariana smiles for a portrait in front of a patterned tapestry

Ariana is the second oldest of six children.

“I really did you wrong when I first came to Peace … but thank you for sticking with me.”

Ariana, 17, is the second-oldest of six children. Her mom is a survivor of years of domestic violence. When she leaves POTC at 6:00 p.m. each day, Ariana puts in a shift at the sports arena downtown selling pretzels. A junior in high school, all her paychecks go to her family towards food and rent, so she wears the same few articles of clothing over and over again. Ariana lost her job due to the current Covid-19 crisis. POTC staff told her who was hiring and within a week she was working at a gas station. With Buffalo Public Schools closed she is “grateful” to be working more hours.

Ariana had a rough start at POTC:  “I really did you wrong when I first came to Peace, ” she admitted, “but thank you for sticking with me.”

Now an accomplished Shakespearean, Ariana rode three different buses after her shift while participating in the first Shakespeare Zoom Class. Together our young people are reading The Merchant Of Venice, preparing for this summer’s production when we are together again.*

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Real Names. Real Stories. Real Courage.

Ariana rehearses a scene on stage with the Theater for All program

Rehearsals and then straight to work.

Source: The Department of Justice 

Source: The Buffalo News