Peace of the City has always engaged in high-quality evaluation that examines, among other things, the impact of over twenty years of programming on our children and teens.  Recently, Peace of the City has engaged in a higher level, more rigorous evaluation of its programs conducting scientific studies on all of its programs and services.  The foundation of its efforts can be found in its Logic Model, Evaluation and Mapping Models, and detailed explanation of how the logic model works to improve programs and services.


A logic model contains four components: Inputs or the environmental characteristics that impact Peace of the City and our programs and participants; Environment or a detailed description of our programs; Outputs or how participants engage in our program; and Outcomes or what benefits occur as a result of participants engaging in our program.  The following documents detail our efforts.

Click on these links to download these following files:

> Continuous Improvement Plan (PPT file 398 KB)

> Theoretical Framework (PDF 451 KB)

> Logic Model (Word doc  86 KB)