Peace Club Intern

Working with our elementary age children, under the supervision of “Ms. Tieza”, this internship will provide opportunities for relationship-building within a multi-aged One-Room-Schoolhouse.  Come learn with us how to manage a bustling classroom, create literacy-rich activities for many learning styles, build trust and have a lot of fun!  We are happy to work with colleges and universities to set up a satisfying placement for Education, Sociology, English majors (and more).  Please contact Megan McClain Kwacz, to explore the opportunities within Peace Club.

Shakespeare Comes to (716) Intern

Interested in learning how to take an artistic idea and make it into Live Art with community impact? Join Megan McClain Kwacz for an internship, shadowing, teaching and learning to apply theatrical practices to any teaching. Please email

Source: The Department of Justice 

Source: The Buffalo News