Zieani Jewelry is a 9-year old small business focused on the artisan skill of hand-crafted jewelry design and the holistic development of young girls into women.

While teaching color technique, design and the basics of jewelry making, our young women work together in a true business “collective”.  Two levels of employment exist; artisans who have been trained for over a year and apprentices who study for a year or more in business principles, job training and learning the art of jewelry design.

Two female employees cash out a customer and place purchases in a bag at the Zieani Jewelry shop
Women work together at a table to create hand-crafted jewelry pieces with Zieani Jewelry

Sent to community events, home parties, churches and holiday gatherings, our young designers learn to present themselves and their handiwork as bright and articulate members of the larger Buffalo business world.

The typical Zieani worker is an enthusiastic artist, good manager and strong team player.

Source: The Department of Justice 

Source: The Buffalo News