Creating a Community of Courage by Loving our Neighbors as Ourselves.

Founded in 1992, Peace Of The City links the powerhouses of advocacy, transformation, literacy, and the arts so as to radically shift the trajectory of the youth we love. At POTC, children and young people are surrounded by a loyal and hardworking staff, beautiful lights, candles, music, and furnishings that speak of home and belonging rather than institutions. POTC’s foundation in trauma-informed care and restorative justice champion the academic, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional well-being of all who walk through our doors.

“If there was a POTC in every neighborhood, I would be out of a job.” Dr. Rebecca Shaeffer, Child Psychiatrist, Erie County Medical Center
Our thirty-year philosophical framework is built on the core belief that every person has intrinsic motivation, an unbreakable “essence” that can be awakened and kindled. Even on days when realities seem unbearable, we want to get them in tune with their inner strength to get up and do life. From program time to home visits, court visits to college visits, we are sharing deep, quality relationships and trust, challenging and empowering our youth to take ownership of their own futures and break the cycle of poverty.

Source: Buffalo Business First, 2016