Creating a Community of Courage by Loving our Neighbors as Ourselves.

Founded in 1992, Peace Of The City links the powerhouses of advocacy, transformation, literacy, and the arts so as to radically shift the trajectory of the youth we love. At POTC, children and young people are surrounded by a loyal and hardworking staff, beautiful lights, candles, music, and furnishings that speak of home and belonging rather than institutions. POTC’s foundation in trauma-informed care and restorative justice champion the academic, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional well-being of all who walk through our doors.

2018 Ordinary Resurrections:  The Beatitudes

This year’s Ordinary Resurrections:  The Beatitudes is based on “Jesus’ Beatitudes:  A Blueprint for Anarchists” by D. John Lee, Ph.D, a 26-year supporter and friend of POTC.  We would like to express our gratitude for John’s profound contribution in setting the stage for our teens’ unflinching honesty, breathless resilience, and their witness to love.

“The Beatitudes, when read psycho-socio-politically, challenge the structures responsible for suffering, injustice and war.  The Beatitudes are subversive both personally and socially….describing and prescribing a life that continuously moves towards others in Love.”

Source: Buffalo Business First, 2016