Larryn poses for a portrait in front of a brick wall

Larryn has starred in four POTC productions.

“At Peace Of The City, I found clarity. I am fulfilled, relieved, optimistic.”

So asked Larryn, 16, on the way home from a Shakespeare practice three years ago. Larryn had every right to fear this. When he was thirteen, he had more than a near-death experience; he stopped breathing for several minutes. Once in the hospital, he remembers being in a coma. Plagued by fear, Larryn limped through life, but life can turn on a dime . . .

Three years ago, a friend at his high school invited him to Theatre For All at POTC. Larryn “didn’t want to go home that day” so he tagged along and into auditions.  Not only did Larryn audition, he landed the first of several prominent parts in four different plays.

Larryn has done an astonishing thing. He “entered the arena” of life again to awkwardly yet passionately engage Shakespeare. In doing so, he “found something at the bottom of my heart” to grab on to. “There really is an Existence, a hope there,” he shared recently. “At Peace Of The City, I found clarity. I am fulfilled, relieved, optimistic.”

This season of Covid-19 can wreak havoc on anyone’s sense of well being—let alone someone who has a history of feeling terrified, as Larryn does. Yet he rises from the death grip of this terror to show us life as he knows it.

With God as my witness, it is an extraordinary honor to know and love Larryn—to watch him reach a fullness of heart onstage that only those profoundly touched by fear can truly manifest. He embodies the “Existence” that he discovered.

Larryn, when our Night Of Courage Annual Benefit Dinner is rescheduled, we will be there to witness your entire story—your everyday ordinary resurrection.*

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Real Names. Real Stories. Real Courage.

Larryn rehearses for a theater performance while holding a script

Bringing his best energy to every rehearsal, Larryn shines.

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Source: The Buffalo News