Peace Of the City is training the next generation of employees through comprehensive programming for our 12-18-year-olds.  Through Job Readiness, Teen Employment, and our own Small Businesses, we are launching employable young adults into the workforce each year.

Teens enter our program through our Job Readiness class which teaches the soft skills that everyone must learn to get and keep a job….how to work with your team, being on time, a strong handshake.

Jobs within Peace Of The City open up to our Job Readiness graduates as they transition into our Teen Employment program.  Young people can work as Homework Club tutors, doing light janitorial, preparing snack and answering the phones.

Our three small businesses are the next level of employment: Zieani Jewelry, Sanctuary Soaps & Fragrances, and City Bikes.

Teens practice for their next job as part of the Peace of the City Workforce Continuum program
The Zieani Jewelry logo, a combination of a flower and typography in black and gold


The Sanctuary Soaps & Fragrances logo, featuring blue watercolor


The City Bikes logo, a black and white city skyline rising from the edge of a bicycle wheel


Source: The Department of Justice 

Source: The Buffalo News