POTC's Shakespeare Comes to (716) is back with a fresh and relevant rendition of one of Shakespeare's final plays--The Winter's Tale. 

Set in a futuristic world established in the aftermath of an apocalypse, humanity has managed to survive in the form of two separate, yet allied realms -- Sicilia and Bohemia.  Despite the countries' friendship, all is still not well.  Jealousy festers in the heart of Sicilia's King Leontes and he plots the demise of his popular and capable wife, Hermione.  When he publicly accuses Queen Hermione of adultery with Bohemia's King Pollux, she is sentenced to death.  Leontes' paranoid actions reverberate throughout Sicilia and tarnish their vital partnership with Bohemia. This calamity profoundly affect Leontes.  As time passes and his regret grows, a series of events both humorous and tragic come into play, culminating in the ultimate joining of Sicilia and Bohemia.  


Thursday, July 23rd, 2015.  7pm

Friday, July 24th, 2015.  7pm

Saturday, July 25th, 2015.  7pm

Doors will open at 6pm for all shows. 

This is a "Pay What You Can" event so that all can fall in love with Shakespeare.  It is also a first come, first seated basis--we have sold out in the past. 


Shea's Smith Theater 

660 Main Street

Buffalo, New York, 14202