Sanctuary Soaps & Fragrances uses a combination of physical work and thoughtful planning to create beautifully balanced finished products. Our three teenaged employees use mathematical equations and chemistry principals to cook recipes of bar soap, lotions, lip butter and candles. Learning through right and left brain activities, our young ladies create beautiful products that can stand up against any other bath and body products in the competitive spa environment. Peace of the City nurtures an entreprenuerial spirit that challenges our young employees to not only enjoy the creative process of soapmaking and apothecary but to truly grasp business philosophy, sustainable planning and the economics of being marketable in a competitive environment.

One Sanctuary employee, Nina, noted that her best moment of our 2013 year was at a POTC event where she sold the Sanctuary lotions and soaps that she had made by hand: "I felt so proud the people wanted the things that I had made." The self-worth and pride experienced by our young women through these small business collectives is a treasure that we cannot measure.