Romeo and Juliet

In our first year of Shakespeare Comes to (716), we wrote a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, mixing urban slang with Shakespeare's impeccable Elizabethan English.   A blaring car horn and slam of brakes, the stage lights break open onto two teenage boys krump dancing.  For the next ninety minutes, the packed audience of over 400 people watched in expectation as two feuding high schools and two "star-crossed" lovers raced towards their fates.
  • 22 cast members
  • 9 stage crew
  • 10 costume and set crew
  • Over 15 Buffalo Public middle and high schools represented
  • One performance
  • Over 400 people attended!!!

 Thanks to Ewelina Panicali for donating her beautiful graphic design services for the logo and artwork of Shakespeare Comes to (716)

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