Profiles of Peace — March 2012

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Our Brightest Night Yet

Last night on a warm early spring evening at Buffalo's Kleinhans Music Hall I felt it for the first time in a while: the "roar".  The welling up of desire to stand and roar for the good and beauty and joy of knowing our children at Peace of the City. The final act for a Students for the Arts event were the teenage members of POTC's Shakespeare troupe--black, white and brown, male and female speaking their story--humanity's story--through a remix framed by Hamlet's Soliloquy.  Pure beauty. As the evening concluded and we walked out into twilight, I felt an energy surge to go door to door, to tell the world "You missed it--you missed the kind of moments that keep Peace of the City in the fight and the world believing in our young people despite the staggering odds faced by many of them". The good news is you CAN see our actors and the same theater piece!  Together with Tony Campolo, and our civil rights choir and much more of the good that makes the world go 'round next week at our 20th Anniversary benefit. Come, join us as living witnesses of what God has done.  Stand with us, sit with us, eat with us, celebrate with us, cry with us and give to us this coming Thursday, March 29, 2012 at Trinity Church (for all details click here). Peace. Diann Takens-Cerbone Executive Director