A Midsummer Night's Dream cast shone on Ujima's stage Diann and Megan sat close to each other at the funeral of a dear friends' daughter.  During the funeral, Hamlet's soliloquy was read and the tense lines rang like bells throughout the stone walls of the church;  "To be or not to be, that is the question."  Seeing Shakespeare translated into a modern-day tragedy was all we, the staff, needed and in the summer of 2009, Shakespeare Comes to (716) was born. Our 8-week long summer program brings together all of the passions of Peace of the City.  We close the gap for our Buffalo public school students as they study, learn and memorize Shakespeare during critical summer months.  They are taught powerful life lessons through the material-- how to work collaboratively, how to take direction and what it means to embody another's story which is the foundation of empathy.  They learn basic job skills such as punctuality, hard work, discipline and team work.  We are incredibly proud of the professionalism of our teens and the production quality of our performances.
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Graphic Designs for Shakespeare Comes to (716) thanks to Ewelina Panicali.