Peace of the City recognizes the importance of teaching our young people basic job soft skills it takes to secure and keep a job.  Out of this recognition grew our Teen Employment and job readiness programming.  The next level was achieved when our programming partnered business development with all that we were already teaching our teenagers about having a job.  Two small businesses were born-- Zieani Jewelry, now 7 years old, and Sanctuary Fragrances, re-established this year by a veteran of POTC, Kim DeFlyer.   A central component of both of these small business opportunities was filling them with young women, especially minority women as women and minorities are still not fully represented in world of business.
Job soft skills (punctuality, team work, time management) partnered with a creative skill and life skills are taught in the backdrop of business equations and cost analysis by a patient mentor, this is a template for a next generation of savvy, confident businesswomen to succeed.