Why Give to Peace of the City?
  • Because this ministry has been committed to loving and seeking to empower “the least of these” since September, 1992.
  • Because our staff and board have never been stronger or more motivated as we “pull together” towards a Biblically-grounded vision of “shalom” in the lives of urban young people, their families and our community.
  • Because we are careful with each dollar donated to Peace of the City. The salaries of our paid staff are modest, our expenditures are carefully considered, we place our emphasis on quality of effort rather than numbers or “excitement” and because we see clear, measurable impact in the lives of the young people that we work with.
  • Because you can be confident that the funds that you invest are appreciated and well-used. We don’t have enough staff to send a thank-you note each time you donate (we do that once a year!), but rest assured that our motives are solid, our overhead is low and the fruit is abundant.
Give to Peace of the City