It happened today, November 12 at 2:03 p.m. at the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport. Akec Doar was reunited with his wife Abuk and their six children after he had been stranded in South Sudan for nearly a year-- and the POTC staff was there to witness it!  The Doar children (Garang, 17; Doar, 15; Aguer, 12; Deng, 9; Agob, 7 and Aluette, 2) have been “core” kids for EIGHT years at Peace of the City.  This family fled their home in war-torn Sudan and spent years in Egypt waiting to immigrate to the United States. The Doar children have been a central part of many POTC programs: Homework Club, Teen Club, Private Music Lessons, Teen Employment and High School Interns, with the oldest two being accomplished Shakespeare actors! The Peace of the City staff is currently working with Garang (and several other high school seniors) with college visits, application help, and investigating scholarships and financial aid.

 I cannot imagine Peace of the City without the Doars. They have an attentive and hardworking father who went back to South Sudan to check on other relatives and to make extra money for his own struggling family.  He stayed for a month but the hoped-for employment fell through. Akec was stranded without the funds needed to return to the U.S.  As time passed, his family was showing more of the strain of their father’s absence. Abuk, the mother, works second shift in a factory making minimum wage but those wages are inadequate for the food, clothing, rent, and utility needs of the family.  Their circumstances were clearly unsustainable.  POTC committed to bringing Akec home.        

After contact with the U.S. embassy in South Sudan, regional African airlines, and a very helpful local travel agent, a plan was formed. Then, with Abuk and Garang on either side of me, we purchased a ticket for $1657.32 to bring their “Baba” (father in Sudanese) home to Buffalo. We spent this unbudgeted money in faith, hoping that our extended Peace of the City community would help us cover the cost to reunite this family that means so much to us. What’s more, we would also like to bless them with an additional $500 towards Christmas presents and holiday meals.  

Will you consider covering some of the costs for the Doar family reunion?