About Peace of the City Ministries

Motivated by Jesus' call to "love your neighbor", dedicated staff and volunteers offer a range of relevant programs designed to provide young people with the skills, tools and values needed to succeed educationally, break the cycle of poverty, and lead meaningful, productive lives and hopefully become community leaders and role models. 

 Since 1992, Peace of the City Ministries has been a “roll up your sleeves and get to work“ outfit. We feel constrained by the call of Jesus Christ to care for those our society would rather forget. Our ministry seeks to provide for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the poor and “working poor”.

Buffalo, New York

 Buffalo, New York is the forgotten Rust Belt City.Since 1950, Buffalo has lost nearly 50% of its population. Thousands of abandoned homes and storefronts are scattered throughout the city.Over 70% of children enrolled in public schools live below poverty level. Historically, over 95% of youth involved in our ministry have come from single-mother homes. Our city is barely hanging on. Peace of the City has rooted itself in neighborhoods of great need. We are here in the name of Jesus; join us in this kingdom adventure.